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Have you been subjected to a DUI arrest?

If you have been charged with drinking and driving, you have no time to lose. Whatever you do, you want to make sure you have spoken to a DWI / DUI attorney as soon as possible. Having an attorney on your side who knows the system is essential. The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC criminal defense attorneys understand that this is likely the first time you have come in contact with the criminal justice system. They know that being arrested is embarrassing and frightening. However, with experienced counsel to guide you through your case, you can become educated about the process and work for the best outcome possible. Contact The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC today for an assessment of your case.

DWI/DUI Charges

The outcome of the case usually hinges on what happened during your arrest. What facts do you recall? What questions did the officer ask you? Did you take a field sobriety test, like walking a straight line or closing your eyes and touching your nose? Did you take an alco-sensor or breath test on the road? Did the officer ever say why they pulled you over? After your before or after your arrest, did you take a breath test?

The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC is routinely able to raise reasonable doubts about the state's case. Field sobriety tests are not uniform, and may be performed improperly. alco-sensor tests are so inaccurate that they are generally not admissible in court. Like any criminal case, a DUI charge requires careful planning and investigation. When building a drunk driving defense case, The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC is as meticulous and painstaking in developing your case strategies.

Contact Charlotte, NC criminal defense and family law attorney Tracy Hatcher for an initial consultation.

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