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Divorce, even an uncontested divorce, can be stressful. When dealing with a legal matter as fraught with emotion as divorce, you need a knowledgeable, levelheaded attorney who can guide you through the process. The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC understands the pain of divorce. Their attorneys offer sound advice and experienced representation to get you through this difficult time. To find out more, contact The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC for an initial consultation.

Absolute Divorce

Once you and your spouse split your marital property, you have to decide how to continue raising your children together. Even though you are no longer married, you have to work together to take care of them.

Child Custody

First, you have to decide where the child will live. You also have decisions to make about the child's upbringing--for example, what school she will attend, and what religious instruction she will receive. The parent with whom the child lives from day to day has physical custody. The parent(s) who make decisions about the child's life have legal custody. The usual arrangement is for one parent to have physical custody, with joint legal custody shared by both.

The non-custodial parent has visitation rights, which usually consist of every other weekend, every other holiday, and half the summer.

Child Support

The non-custodial parent also pays child support. Child support is determined by North Carolina statute, and is based on the income of the parties and overall needs of the child or children. If the incomes or circumstances of the families change, a child support modification may be necessary.

Whenever the court makes decisions about parenting plans, it uses the best interest of the child as its standard.

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